Yule and Christmas Together Forever

WreathYule is a celebration of the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest and darkest day of the year. During Yule rituals Pagans celebrate the return of the sun God, who died in October at Samhain. On Yule the sun God emerges from the Goddess’ womb and is reborn. After the sun God’s return on Yule, each day will grow longer and warmer encouraging new life to spring forth in the upcoming year. Yule is an Old Norse word that actually means “wheel” and the Sabbat was often referred to as the Turning Time. Pagans today refer to the calendar year as The Wheel of the Year, which symbolizes one full turn of the wheel in the cycle of the seasons and of life, death, and rebirth. Continue reading »

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Happy Chanukah to Our Jewish Friends!

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13 Random Acts of Pagan Kindness

It’s not uncommon this time of year to see all kinds of blogs with ideas on how to share random acts of kindness with others. Of course, we all know that we should share them all the time and not just during the holiday season, but sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder or even some new suggestions.

I think so many people associate these random acts of kindness with Christians and Christianity, even though we all know that Pagans are just as kind and generous, too. So, I thought I would put a list together that is Pagan specific. Hopefully, the things on this list will inspire you in non-traditional ways––in ways that are specific to our faith beliefs––to reach out and make someone’s day.
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First Church of Wicca Logo Explained

First Church of Wicca LogoI have spoken before about our church logo, but I’d like to explain it again. Each time you reflect on our church logo, my hope is that you will be brought to a new heightened awareness of what it means, and how it directly relates to your spirituality and personal growth.

I had several things in mind when I designed our logo. First, I wanted to visually depict the metaphysical trinity of Idea––the highest Divine-Self or Mind, Thought––the subconscious or soul, and Manifestation––the lower-self or body. The First Church of Wicca’s belief system is grounded on the metaphysical trinity of idea, thought, and manifestation, which translates holistically as the mind, soul, and body. So, underlying all of our religious practices is truth found in metaphysics and holistic health. Continue reading »

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Letter From Our High Priestess

First Church of Wicca LogoMerry Meet, Everyone –

Wow! The excitement over here at the First Church of Wicca is more than I could have ever imagined. Several weeks ago when I announced the re-opening of the First Church of Wicca, I hoped we would see some familiar faces. Not only have we seen some familiar ones, but we have also seen several new faces. The energy is as positive as ever, as well as forward-moving and -thinking, and our Samhain Ritual embraced us all in Divine love and fellowship. It was a true testament that a family may be temporarily scattered, but will always come back together with love for one another. Continue reading »

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Thanksgiving Ritual

Join us for our Thanksgiving Ritual on Saturday, November 29th at 6pm.
Please call or text Rev. Dr. Kendra at 339-832-9668 or Contact Us for more information and the location.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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Welcome to First Church of Wicca

We are happy to announce the re-opening of the First Church of Wicca!

Come join us for our Samhain ritual on November 1st at 6pm!
For more information, please contact Rev. Dr. Kendra at 339-832-9668

Please be patient while our website is being rebuilt.

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